Bodhicitta-Prayer | trad. Tibetan 
Ink on heavy paper | Johannes Janßen, 2014

Jang chub sem chog rin po che
Ma kye pa nam kye gyur chik
Kye pa nyam pa me pa yang
Gong nä gong du phel war shog

May the precious and sublime awakened mind
Arise in those where it has not arisen;
Where it has arisen, may it never wabe,
But continue to increase forever more.


Khorwa | Samsara

Samsara | Tusche auf Zeichenkarton | Johannes Janßen, 2014

Saṃsāra (Sanskritसंसार) (Tibetan: 'khor ba), meaning "continuous flow", is the repeating cycle of birthlife and death.